Day 195 of 365

Last night I explored the idea of loosening my grip on life.  I don't think I actually realized how much it applies to things I am struggling with.  Ex. Deciding where to go or what to do next.  These are BIG life choices.  Thats just it although these are seemingly big decisions like where to live, or what job to take.  Everything is temporary other than say marriage (well some), kids, STD's etc. 

With that being said loosening your grip on life for me means that you will allow yourself to stick with one of your many great options for a period of time.  Eg. Travel the world and freelance for a year.  If it doesn't work you can always go back to the safer option that is less lonely and may have a better community than life on the road. (Plus a consistent paycheck.) 

What you have to avoid...COMFORTABLE options.  I am not a life coach I can't be I'm 25 I've only lived an asshair of a life so far.  But what I know for sure is that no CHANGE will ever come from returning to your COMFORT ZONE.  Like the age old saying "Nothing in life that comes easy is worth having."  Good things and a great life are uncomfortable to obtain.  

If you wan't an easy life this post isn't for you but if you want you this year to be exciting and fulfilling keep reading.  Think of someone who's life is really easy.  Do you envy their life, or their accomplishments?  You may envy their lifestyle, what they have, but I can almost guarantee you don't envy their accomplishments.  Imagine this person with an easy life.  Bills are paid for, drives an amazing car doesn't have to work much, parents helped pave the way for every job they've had.  They most likely go out and drink every weekend, complain about being bored in person but all you see on their instagram stories is them at a new rooftop bar or club clinking glasses together.  #BrunchLife  

Now think of someone who's life wasn't easy but consistently they rose to the occasion.  I have a few friends like this but I will give you two examples.  One of my friends lost his mother to drug addiction, he never complains about it.  He's 24 lives on his own has a great job, skate boards everyday he has off, and he just learned to play guitar and recorded an entire album all in 5 months.  Another friend of mine has had little to no help in life and is non stop accomplishing amazing things.  He is extremely driven, he doesn't drink, lives in a house with his sister, and is pursuing a career in boxing, all while working full time.  He has been on his own since 16 and his life was far from easy but these people are tackling difficulties head on.  I don't think they agonize over what needs to happen next in their lives, they have a loose grip on life and a firm grip on moxie.  

Let your year go in a direction in which life is not easy but in a direction in which you will grow. 

All of the good in my life has come from discomfort or pain.