Photographing the Details of Maine.

Day 224 of 365

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days.  I decided to take a little break from shooting, editing, writing and just try to enjoy myself for a few days.  What a stupid idea. A massive derailment from all the processes I love and cherish so dearly.  I didn't need a vacation.  Although it was fun as hell I didn't produce or create anything new or original.  My camera was down more than it was up but I realized a few things.  

It's hard for me to travel with other people that aren't photographers or models.
When people travel most people see it as vacation unless you are traveling for work, which is always the case for me.  
So traveling with people that want to vacation is very distracting.

The second thing I learned. 
I am most productive when I start my day alone and with a routine. 
It's like a jump start to my day for optimizing my time. 
It's essential for me otherwise I can hardly focus. 

The third thing. 
Pack healthy food. 
Fuck I hate eating shit late night, or struggling to find fruit for breakfast because often small towns have a limited selection. 
It's your responsibility to put food in your own mouth, no one else's. 
So if you go to a country or a town where the selection is limited don't be mad at the town's people or the store owners. 
Be mad at yourself for not taking responsibility for your own eating habits. 


Notice the beautiful details which make a place or a time unique. 

Us in 2018.