How to instantly change your mood.

Day 225 of 365

Yesterday I was feeling a little grumpy and I let it affect my behavior and my mood.  That's unacceptable.  It's okay to feel but it is not okay to act poorly from it.  That it what children do.
So to end my night I did what I do every night.  I make a todo list for the next day.  I include details down to what I will eat and I chunk things into 30 minute to 1 hour time blocks and how I will devote myself to each hour.

It works wonders for my productivity but nothing...and I mean nothing does more for my productivity and mood than starting my day off with a run. 
I have been running for about a month now and I haven't ran in the morning yet. 
I ran for 2 months straight back in November and December of 2017. 
5:30 am every morning with out music. 

This morning I finally repeated that routine and holy shit did it open my eyes again. 
My pace was better than ever. 
I focused on my breathing and I felt my brain take a back seat as it observed it's own thoughts. 
Soon enough I was at the end of my 4.5 mile run on top of a hill I have not been able to run up yet and I realized holy shit I just ran up that hill. 
While I was doing it I was so lost in my thoughts I had almost forgotten about my body entirely. 
It was on auto pilot. 

The body does what the brain tells it. 
Don't let external factors and moods control your behavior. 
Decide what you want to feel and do and make it happen. 

Most importantly whenever your down, depressed upset, feel lazy, just get up and exercise. 
It will help you focus, clear your brain and ultimately make you more happy and in control of your life. 

P.s. Try running or exercising in silence without music. 
Or even with Binaural beats playing in your ear. 
Anything that will drown out your consciousness. 
Music makes you conscious of lyrics, and being conscious while your running makes you conscious of the pain you are in. 
Anything to make running more pleasing makes it easier to continue and make a part of your life. 

Good luck. 

Photos from below are taken on an old 2005 point and shoot camera in York beach, Maine. 
It's a place that is very special to me. 
It was my fathers favorite place in the world and he is one of my biggest inspirations for running. 
It was something he loved to do.