How to find your passion.

Day 215 of 365

Wherever the wind takes you is a bad place to go.  It avoids commitment, which is something I have struggled with in my life because I am so turned on by freedom.  The open road, the smell of salt water, the ability to wake up on a Monday and go for a walk rather than rush into work. 
These things make my work undeniably enticing but it's not as romantic as it seems.  It takes tons of deadlines, business savvy, and reaching out to potential clients to make this work.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  This business is hard but life is fucking good.  WHo else can go skate with their friends on their days off and move their work around to fit their schedule. 
If I need to work into the night I do. 
If I want to work in the morning I do. 
It took 5 years to get here and I am nowhere near where I want to be but I'm heading in the right direction. 

I hope you find your direction.