Cliff jumping in Connecticut

Day 216 of 365


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This weekend one of my good friends from NY came to visit us in Ct.  It was an absolute blast. 
We went out for coffee, went cliff jumping went out for tacos, and then out for the night to dance.  It was a wholesome weekend and through out it all I managed to eat clean and it made me realize something. 

Cheat days are bullshit. 

Having a cheat day from a "diet" or from any commitment for that matter implies that what you are attempting to commit to is unenjoyable.  Which is why most people fail with these commitments.  No one wants to do something that sucks. 

Right now in my life I'm trying to think more long term. 
Making decisions that I can potentially commit to forever or for a few years. 
Good decisions compound. 
With each good one it only becomes easier to make more good decisions the opposite is also true. 
Bad decisions lead to more bad decisions. 

Take control of your life by making good small decisions daily. 

Apple over chips. 
20 minutes of exercise over a nap. 
Reading instead of Tv. 
Create instead of consume. 

Chose a lifestyle that doesn't need cheat days.

Live your kind of life.