Freelance your way to money.

Day 226 of 365

I was running this morning and all I could think was “Pain is the window in which happiness is obtained.”
You have so many options in life and everything you want lies on the other side of pain, consistency, and a mindset of abundance. Those are some of the simplest principles to grasp but the hardest to commit to. Wealth, Love, Happiness. 

Things we all want, and they are all available in abundance through pain and generosity. Work hard, bring value to people, and expect nothing in return. 

I’ll give you guys an example of this. My old boss and my first mentor really lead with his actions. He was extremely hard working and has no aversion to pain or risk. He now owns multiple businesses and is doing quite well for himself. Through pain and consistency, he has found freedom and economic abundance. (Wealth)He comes from a place of abundance which is shown through his generosity. 
When I was at my lowest point financially he paid for my flight to Italy for a job interview with no intention of getting the money back because he saw how hard I was working.You better fucking believe I’ll give the same generosity to an intern or hard-working employee of mine one day. And because of his generosity, I will never say no to him.If he needed me tomorrow I would be there. 
(Love, and Loyalty) 

Through his pain, struggle, generosity, and relationships my old boss has achieved a lot. He has a strong network, family, and business. 
I’m pretty sure he’s happy with where he is in life. 

In conclusions here is what I learned from him. 

Love, Wealth, and Relationships are not like a pie. Every time you give them out there isn’t less for yourself. Rather all of these things are like a muscle. The more you give love, invest money, and connect people to meaningful relationships the stronger those muscles become. 
Through generosity and pain, you are opening yourself up to long-term wealth, love, and happiness.