Learning from journaling.

Day 227 of 365

Thinking about this blog this morning and the new things I want to do with it and I realized I often neglect what I don't know.  (Which is a whole LOT. )  Due to my language it seems I am speaking in an absolute tone.  I hope anyone that reads this takes my words with a grain of salt and knows that it is an exploration of my thoughts and the things I read. 

I am trying to learn, understand things I am struggling with and share.  It's a big fat learning process.  Like being in the middle of the ocean by yourself.  I'm just on here exploring my thoughts and it should be taken as such. 
I have a lot of fun writing, it allows me to purge whatever is plaguing my mind.

With that being said I hope it provokes you guys to think, and I hope it's enjoyable.  Looking forward to switching things up and interviewing some other creatives for some up and coming blog posts. 

Hope everyone has an amazing day. 

Much love,