Live before you die.

Day 228 of 365

Everyone always tells you life is short.  Yet for some reason, it still feels infinite.  We still smoke, drink, eat till were stuffed and ignore our bodies like they will last forever.  I mean I get it when you wake up it's all you have, it's always there. 
You are apart of this world and I find it essential not to just exist in it. 
I know for most people existing is great. 
Wake up go to work, live a noble humble life and provide for your family. 
I want to live a life I am happy to leave as a mark on this earth. 
When my time comes I don't want to be begging for more time. 
I want to have left it all on the table. 

This is why I am segregating myself from naysayers. 
These are the people you tell your plans to and their first response is how will you be able to afford that? that's going to be really hard... 
Well, no shit, if it was easy everyone would have it, or be doing it. 
No one ever left a legacy as a subpar accountant. 
It's what you do that's difficult, extra, or above expectations that makes you extraordinary. 
If you avoid everything that is difficult how do you expect to have a happy and fulfilling life? 
I know for me having strong relationships, creating tangible high-quality work, learning, and giving back makes me happiest.
It may be different for you but the end of progression is the most terrifying failure to me.

Today's blog is a bit of a jumbled rant but that's okay. 
I've been back in Connecticut for 2 days now and after talking to some of the people that live here there is a starch difference between the people I meet in NY vs the people I talk to in CT. 
The Connecticut people often hate their jobs, or they complain about them and then say they're okay jobs to have.  
The NY people I hang out with often talk about their jobs as a stepping stone, a start to a progression, or they just love their work. 
There is a mix in both states but the overwhelming majority of people in Connecticut settle so fast. 
With that mindset life has not just begun, it is just the start of the end.