Why we hate.

Day 236 of 365

Bastards don’t lose sleep over their stubborn ways.
Dripping wax into your eyes doesn’t burn them.
There is no feeling in a stubborn bull. 
No heart in a gun. 
You can’t ask for an apology from a bullet.
Best move on or the mourning will find you.

I’ve always wondered why we hate things foreign to us. I think it’s a deep routed primitive feeling that serves little purpose today. I hate certain people, things, beliefs, It helps me avoid being dragged down into things I know are no good for me. I don’t think I should hate them though and here’s why.

Hate has always been a source of anger for me.
As a kid I hated the world because it took my father from me.
I was extremely violent.
I felt like the only way to avoid the same fate and to not let the bad guy win was to beat the shit out of anyone that picked on me or my friends.
Well I learned quickly there is no bad guy.
There’s just people.
We’re all capable of really good things and really bad things.
Ex. Nazi Germany. There is no way ever German during WW2 was a bad person.

I guess the goal here for me is to become conscious of my hate and to instead extend love and empathy towards those things I do not like instead of aggression and animosity.

Having empathy towards your opposition isn’t a badge of approval but rather it’s a chance to learn in a positive way and besides hate takes a lot more energy than not giving a f*ck.

Hope you all enjoy your day.