Embracing variation.

Day 239 of 365

In Utah today in a town that is largely a military community visiting one of my best friends in the world.

Growing up ridiculously American I ate at subways, Mcdonalds, Dunkin Donuts etc.
The beauty of these places is that there is absolutely no variation in the product no matter where you go.
It’s cheap identical and pretty low quality but it’s always the same and Americans love that.
As I got older I started to realize the quality of smaller restaurants, coffee shops, etc. and although the product may vary the health and taste of the product was almost always better.

In different places around this country they make the same foods differently and holy shit has it been such a pleasant surprise so many times.
For example in Colorado I once had the best sausage egg and cheese between two waffles I’ve ever had, or in Australia they put vanilla ice cream in my ice coffee.
Variation and new perspectives is such a beautiful thing in life.
Next time your in a new city avoid the Dunkin Donuts try the local coffee shops, talk to the local shop owners get the inside scoop on where to go and try something new.

The shop owner I met today recommended Antelope canyon since we are so close to it.
Having done no research before this trip any tips on where to go will all be coming from the locals that live here.
Stoked to see this place later today.

Antelope Island State Park-48-L.jpg