Living in the present.

Day 240 of 365

With all of the shit going on in our lives right now it’s so easy to stress about the future, dwell on the past and forget the present.
There is only one time that matters.
Right now
I tend to believe that if you give your all to each moment and opportunity as it arrises you will lead a good life.
That’s really all I’m after, a good life well lived and a family to share it with.
Each day I realize how short life is and it only seems to be a ball rolling down an increasingly steeper hill.
Don’t forget to be in this moment, to love with your whole heart and let those around you know how much they mean to you.
I often forget to do this, and other times I look like a complete sap because I am not afraid to say I love you to my closest friends and family.
If today was all that I had, I want them to know.