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Day 244 of 365

I don’t have much to say lately.
I still write every morning but I am looking to switch some things up photographically.
I am trying to look at why I am making things and if taking a photo is the best way to portray the message I am trying to get across. This may lead to me making some videos, collages, or sculptures who knows maybe I don’t even know the medium I may use for a new project.

Between that, looking for an apartment and working on commercial jobs I am really inspired.
Inspiration comes in waves but when it does come I always hit the ground running and work seems to pour out of me.

I haven’t had any photo ideas for a while but since coming home to NY the ideas are now flowing.

Most of my inspiration lately seems to come from movie stills and music. Hopefully this helps any of you aspiring photographers or artists get some ideas.

Below are photos from a day spent skating and trekking around Salt lake city, Utah with my best friends.