Go forward.

Day 245 of 365

The fear of forward.
Responsibility and commitment have always scared me as I’ve always associated them with the end of my freedom.
As I age I don’t think this fear is well founded.
Responsibility has a sweet spot where enough of it only enable more freedom but too much is a burden.
Managing this lifestyle into adulthood is my ultimate goal right now.
I want my earnings to exceed my responsibility so trips like the one featured below can continue to happen.
I often forget that my lifestyle does not need to match those of my contemporaries.
I don’t need a big house, a wife, a rang rover.
My goals in life are hardly material.
Experience and a lifestyle of progression is really what makes me happy so I am going to continue to pursue that.
When I am learning is when I am happiest.
Knowledge excites me.
So I guess today I hope you tackle the unknown.
Research something you want to learn about and take small steps to learn it.
Progression is a catalyst for happiness.
Have a great day everyone.