Staying poor is a mindset.

Day 232 of 365

Scarcity is more of a mindset than a reality.  People are poor yes. 
Some people are extremely poor but I believe what keeps them there has more to do with a mindset than our realities. 

I never believed that there weren't any photography jobs out there. 
Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten into photography but at times I've felt myself slip into a mindset of scarcity. 
When I was younger I worried what if someone doesn't hire me this month I will miss my bills etc. 
Once I realized there is an infinite amount of money in the world this fear has been so put on the back burner and business has been better than ever. 

There are enough jobs in this world for everyone. 
Maybe these jobs don't exist yet but then you can go make one. 
There is no excuse not to find work. 

I work about 2 days a month right now and I pay all my bills. 
Yes I write, edit, take pictures, and contact potential clients pretty much everyday but this is hardly work. 
Most of it is fun and the days I have shoots with clients are almost always extremely fun. 

I do not believe in competition, I do not believe in scarcity I only believe in quality and abundance. 

If you provide something of quality and exceed peoples expectations consistently you will live in abundance. 

Everything you want is out there. 
Go get what you want.