Why Waterbury is the best place to live in Connecticut.

Day 233 of 365

Sorry, I bated you with that title, Waterbury is a pretty terrible place to live. 

To get to the point it's gross how much people bitch about where they live how little there is to do yet I never see anyone doing anything. 
I run about 4-5 days a week rain or shine.
If it rains I am always and I mean always the only one outside. 
Even if it rains I'm out taking photos, in the cold, in the snow, etc. I have literally never run into anyone in inclement weather. 

It is so foreign to see people walking outside here other than in the summer that most of the time in the fall I get the cops called on me for photographing in suburban neighborhoods.  
I have scoured so much of this town and Waterbury for things to photograph and I don't think it is possible to photograph everything these towns have to offer in one lifetime. 
So forgive me if I sound a bit crass but I think it's bullshit when people say there is nothing new to do here. 
You can always reframe your surroundings. 
There is opportunity everywhere. 
You just have to seek it out and make shit happen for yourself.