Photography with intention.

Day 303 of 365

Starting the new year I’ve been reevaluating my practice in photography.
Having photographed objects, light, and everyday details in life for the past 2 years I’ve been longing for the human condition.
I am now returning to what first got me into photography, people.
I like to document people doing things.
Real life happening.
It never felt so interesting when I worked manual labor but watching people work, celebrate, and live has always fascinated me.

We’re so much more connected then we think.
We seek security, consistency, food shelter, and love.
I decided to take 10 portraits today after shooting about 4 or 5 a few days ago and it was a great experience. (not all 10 are featured below)
In just a short amount of time I encountered reactions on all ends of the spectrum.
Most were mainly just cold and wanted to get home.
Some were confused but said okay, some were so happy to get there picture taken and just laugh about it and the least common reaction….1 person in the past few times of doing this wanted to fight me.
We often build up an irrational fears in our mind like rejection, confrontation, and worst of all failure.
These things are going to happen you cannot avoid getting knocked on your ass.
The only failure at this point is not trying.

Bottom line is were social creatures, and other humans are the key to where you want to go and you are the key to where someone else wants to go.
Help someone who deserves it get through a gate you have a key to, and I am sure someone will do the same for you one day.
Do not operate in fear.
If you want to take pictures of strangers go do it, explain to them what you want, or don’t.
Ask for that promotion if you deserve it.
Be genuine, work your beans off, most importantly share with good intention and ask with good intention.
”A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.”