Goodbye Poler Stuff

Day 302 of 365

Back when I first got into photography I remember seeing these amazing photo stories from around the world. Friends setting out to go places most often untouched by the average tourists. To connect with nature a bit and to have a good time. They were more laid back stories about heading into the unknown rather than climbing Everest or triumphing over the most agonizing of feats. Which don’t get me wrong I’d love to overcome some harsh obstacles like running a marathon or hiking to the summit of a mountain but I’d also like to see some amazing things in other countries with my friends and drink beers while doing it.
The fact that Poler stuff was able to do this and be productive on these trips all while making lasting memories amazed me.
Since I first saw their photo stories and the talented photographers they worked with I knew I wanted to shoot one of these trips and bring my friends along for the ride.
I knew for sometime now but just today Poler stuff declared bankruptcy which is okay everything has it time but it was damn fun and inspiring while it lasted.
Poler made some amazing things that I will hold onto for a long time.
I guess my point here is we all have that thing, that person, that job that we look up to and it seems so far away but in reality it’s far closer than we think.
Don’t give up on what you know you can do no matter how small or stupid it may seem, ex. like shooting photos for a small company.
Once accomplished those little goals make us into a better person then we were yesterday and with out them we’re doing nothing but wasting space.

Do something productive today.