Learn Something New Every Month.

Day 310 of 365

With only 55 more blogs left to go we’re coming to the end of my written blog journey. I am going to keep this going in other ways, most likely via video blogs.
Filming my everyday life, new things I am learning and experiences I am having.
I want to be more vulnerable in my approach because all this blog is for me is a chance to become aware of my own faults and confusion so that I can take action and learn from my mistakes.
I often see vlogs and blogs as a way for others to project the awesomeness of their life, or to fabricate an artificial reality.
To prove to people they’re more than they are, essentially fake it till you make it.
This seems more like an insecurity to me and I know I’ve been guilty of it for sure but I wonder what would happen if you were just purely open.
Showing the struggles of making it in your creative endeavors, career goals, relationships, etc.
I’ve always strived for that but video seems like a much more revealing and narcissistic medium.
Anyway I need a next step.
I will continue to write ever morning but the content of those writings after blog 365 will remain solely for self improvement and routine.

Keep Learning.
Keep progressing.
Only forward.