Surfing from Brooklyn, Ny.

Day 311 of 365

Mixing work and pleasure for Hudson Made.

This past Friday my best friend and I set out early in the morning to spend the morning surfing in Rockaway, Queens. Meg doesn’t like cold water very much so she decided to watch and read on the beach instead of joining me in the water.
Mornings like this remind me of being a kid and playing football in the colder end of the fall.
The heat from the sun still resonates on your skin but the wind always finds a way to bite through that warmth.
After a long soggy, cold, and fun morning at the beach there is no better feeling than a hot shower.
This is why Hudson Made was the perfect combo for this morning.
I’m a big fan of ethical and natural products and I still want to smell manly and Hudson made’s workers soap hits the nail on the head with this one.
Their products don’t pollute our water ways and I am really happy to be working with a brand like this.

They’re pricey but if you’re into quality, sustainability, and all natural products that are healthy for your skin, feel free to give them a shot.