Day 297 of 365

There are two choices to make with every bad situation.
You either treat it with love or you treat it with fear.
Last night I put my clothes in the wash and I accidentally paid for the dryer first as the payment part of the machine is parallel to each other.
Theres about 20 other dryers in my building with none of them being used I figured no one would be such a jerk to come and use my dryer that I already paid for, no biggie.

After my clothes are done washing I head down to the laundry room in my building to find my clothes done and someone else’s clothes dried above mine.
I was pissed at first but I figured after a few minutes they 1 either need it more than I do or 2 are just an asshole and I should feel sorry for them that they need to steal from people.
That will catch up to them in some capacity.
The point I’m making here is that I should have started with love to begin with.

Wether it be someone hitting your parked car, stealing your stuff, or just being a dick to you treat them with love and keep your happiness.
Do not lower your energy to match theirs.
By reacting poorly you only reinforce negative beliefs for example me getting mad about a $2 dollar laundry only reinforces that money can be scarce.
Which is not true their are trillions of dollars in our country fresh for the picking and you can work on your own terms to get it.
React conciously.
Chose love not fear.