Practice positivity.

Day 296 of 365

With anything you get out what you put in but more importantly you get what you believe.
Obviously you have to have self awareness, I am not a 5’10 blonde supermodel, or a professional hockey player but I am generally a happy person because I chose to perceive most things as positive.

Positivity for me ebbs and flows particularly because I haven’t been practicing it enough.
With all things we need to train to obtain our desired outcome.
The same goes for our brains.
Naturally our brains seek out errors, in an effort to make things better.
When solved this makes us feel good.
This practice doesn’t work so well for things like relationships, or our lives, it’s better left for problem solving.
If all we ever notice in our partners are problems and things we need to fix, all we will ever see them for is an issue.
The same goes for our lives, I think it’s a balancing act.
Know that life is great and a blessing but that no one is perfect and that we should be excited to learn new things.
If you’re happy you’re doing something right, if your not well guess what you’re lucky because you’ve got some new things to research and implement into your life.

Chose to perceive your surroundings in a positive light and you will find yourself happier each day.

For me I’m grateful for the struggle of being a new freelancer.
Yeah at times it’s really tough but with each day I’m figuring it out.