Don't waste your life.

Day 299 of 365

A week without alcohol now and I feel similar to what I felt before.
Except this year I am a lot more excited about it rather than feeling punished.
I’m just glad I don’t have a hangover this morning.
It was also really great to stay in this weekend and use that time to learn new things and be productive instead of going out.
It made me feel free to learn whatever useless or useful information I wanted to invest my time into.
This is my 3rd year doing sober January and I’m stretching that this year to go 2 months alcohol free into February.
I first tried the 30 day no alcohol challenge because of my friend James Swanwick he does a much better job explaining the benefits.
What I can tell you is that I am already seeing my productivity levels go up.
I am also a lot hungrier than I was before, but I also have more energy.
I have to sleep 8 hours now which is very unlike me I normally sleep 6.
So far it is a very positive change.

There are a lot of things that distract us in our lives for me I do not need a drink every day but it’s far too accessible in the city and something that can easily distract me from my work.
I have a mission I am trying to accomplish right now, goals, and a lifestyle I want to fulfill.
If you feel the same way and something is getting in your way try removing it for 30 days.
Wether it be drama, youtube videos, instagram, facebook, wine, or masturbation (you know who you are guys)
remove the distractions and get done what you want to accomplish and see how happy it makes you.

Nothing keeps me in check quite like making conscious decisions because for me beer on the weekends is more of a routine than a choice.

What is your routine and what do you really want?