Bad hands good Brain.

Day 300 of 365

The hands make what the mind tells it.
The only problem with this is that your brain is far more skilled than your hands will ever be.
At first glance that can be very discouraging.
We’ve all had that moment where we say I want to be a “blank” we try it we suck and we give up, or we try something new, like it then shortly after we realize how long the journey will take and we give up.
First things first, what I am talking about here are passions but can be applied to careers as well.
Whatever you are doing I hope it ignites something in your belly, and I hope you get fired up to learn more about it.
For me that’s always been photography, I can’t get enough I could look at it everyday and learn something new everyday and it’s fun for me, hence why I don’t mind doing it all the time.
Yet so often I am so displeased in what I create for example the pictures below were very hard for me to edit.
Sense I have been editing in a new software I have had to adjust to some new things and it has been very challenging.
I know what my brain wants but for some reason my hands cannot live up to my brains expectations or taste.
We have all felt that.
The secret sauce here is practice.
You will never obtain exactly the specifics of what your brain wants but you can get damn close.
There is a beauty in that imperfection.
Don’t waste time being discouraged by that the important thing here is to finish quick and finish often so that you can critique and move onto better projects.

Whatever it is you want to do keep practicing and if a door doesn’t open eventually kick one open.