Good Habits

Day 324 of 365

“The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”- Samuel Johnson

There is no secret good choices compound and so do bad ones.
I sometimes overlook the importance of compounding and consistency.
Like writing, a daily small habit I have yet to see much improvement in when done daily it will result in an improvement over time.
This goes for anything.
Have you ever discovered something new and become obsessed with that something for a period of time?
Imagine doing that thing for 10-20minutes a day or researching it, talking about it, meeting people who do it and imagine doing that for 5 years versus being obsessed with it for a month.
I think that’s the sweet spot for learning.
Like college you devote yourself to a subject for a certain period of time and the leading people in those subjects are always the people who take the small daily task of studying rather than cramming at the last minute.
This brings me to the lifestyle I now have today.
Just over a year ago I started writing daily.
I would essentially puke in my journals short thoughts, or feelings every morning.
It brought awareness to my life and would be the catalyst to the start of my daily routines which is something I value more than any other practice in my life.
Now I exercise about 4-5 times a week, I’ll usually take Saturdays off or go surfing instead.
After a couple months of this I hope this practice will continue for the rest of my life.
The biggest difference with working out versus writing is the visibility in this progression.
Like photography that feeling is addicting and seemingly an endless pursuit.
I now understand that changes made in our lives are most successful in the long term.
Yes it’s good to diet occasionally or switch things up but you hardly see the real results of these decisions unless they are permanent.
Lifestyle and habits are what define us and what will determine our successes and upsets.
Deviations from those specific lifestyle choices are only a derailment of a train heading in a certain direction.

I wrote this once and I still believe it with my whole heart, “What is daily will define.”