Be Your True Self.

Day 325 of 365

This morning I asked myself why do I ever stray from the person in myself that I identify with the most?
The patient, loving, committed, good side to me. That’s the side I love.
Truth be told I can be lazy at times, I get distracted and let it stop the momentum I’ve been building for weeks.
Why do I have cheat days, or judge people, why at times am I insecure, or shy?
Why do I have an aversion to change?

These negative behaviors do not serve my purpose at all yet at times I cling to them like a life preserver out at sea.
In this questioning I wrote some things this morning that apply to a bunch of us that stop us from being who we truly are.

  • Instead of being you, you’re looking up to someone who’s trying to portray a perfect life on the internet.
    No ones life is perfect.

  • Instead of being you, you’re applying to jobs in a major your parents convinced you to be in.

  • Instead of being you, you’re staying in a relationship out of comfort.

  • Instead of being you, you’re not being vulnerable and allowing yourself to give love.

  • Instead of being you, you’re already cheating on those new years resolutions.

  • Instead of being you, you’re wanting things that other people define as success that have nothing to do with you or your interests.

  • Instead of being you, you’re seeking the validation of others.

    This list can go on in so many ways if you have one don’t be afraid to add it in the comments.
    Life is a learning experience.
    Ask yourself who am I?
    Who am I on my way to become?
    Take some time to understand yourself.