Don't get fluffed.

Day 326 of 365

Unfortunately I didn’t choose this love. 

I remember being grounded as a young boy, always in trouble.
Stationed in my room for days the only access point to the attic and I’d sneak to it for hours to sift through boxes of family photos.
It was the only thing that could stop me from putting holes in the walls.
A form of history.
Since then I’ve always had a fascination with the past.
For hours I’d sift through pictures of my father that taken by my mother.
It was the only connection I had to the man I had heard so many stories about. 

Something tangible. 

Not the internet, and it healed me.
My mothers hand, it healed me.  

Made me whole in some sense.
It’s solved every problem I’ve ever had.
For that I cannot turn my back on my love. 

I will always take pictures.
With or without instagram.
Without the money.
Only with my parents eyes.