Day 328 of 365

There is a lot of value in a warm embrace.
In friendship.
In loving your neighbor.
Even in loving your enemy.
I never really got far with hate.
I felt it always took me 10 steps back so I’ve always been a loving person.
Even when my friends and I would go out in college if we met another group of guys doing the same thing we would great them with open arms.
Most of the time we combine to make some sort of mega group but occasionally you get a couple of bad apples.
People that don’t want to mingle with anyone but hot girls or anybody for that matter.
I don’t know if these kind of guys understand the concept of socializing but it seems pretty simple to me go and be nice to people you meet anything else is a waste of time.

Show love to people, even those that don’t deserve it.
Kill em with kindness.