Soul Sucking.

Day 329 of 365

It’s been a few days since I have taken these photos but the images still stand firm in my mind.
Not of importance but of practice.
I enjoy walking, I speak of it a lot.
It keeps me happy and without it I’d be a melancholic person.
The same goes for interacting with people.
I become overjoyed when I connect with complete strangers.
I love how temporary these meeting usually are but how quickly you can dive deep with someone.
I guess that’s part of who I am, someone who has always hated small talk but loved to dive deep into someones being.
These things really help me relieve the stress in my life.
At times I forget that it’s the process of doing that makes life worth living not just the finished product.
Do what makes you happy.
Do it often.
Don’t look back.