Long term gains.

Day 336 of 365

There is a particular strength in ones character when they can respond to adversity with a calm resolve.
I’ve seen it before with my mother when shit hits the fan she just kept her head down and started putting the pieces back together.
From my younger years to now the way I handle adversity has changed entirely.
I used to handle my problems with impulse and pleasure, which just made them into bigger problems.
Now I tend to get myself focused.
I reaffirm my mission and try to eliminate the distractions I once allowed into my life when things were tough.
For example when I’m feeling down mentally etc. I know that drinking, traveling, avoiding the pain are terrible resolutions.
Instead exercise, meditation, work, yoga, eating healthy, and treating people really well seems to put my heart and my head right back in alignment.
It’s the choices made for the long term that give us the most clarity in life.
Don’t let short term pains cause long term problems.