Don't doubt do.

Day 340 of 365

It was a great weekend.
I surfed, saw some old friends I haven’t seen in a while, went dancing, and I got to shoot a few photos and meet some new people.
Really a recipe of all I love.

Still I felt dissatisfied or even worried at times.
There is a voice that is questioning constantly and I get the feeling that if this questioning voice was another person I would have kicked him out of the room years ago.
Still I can’t help but listen to this voice at times.
It’s sings in the sound of insecurity, shyness, jealousy and much more.
It’s almost always wrong and when I hear that subconscious tone drone on about all that I lack I have to go against it in a conscious effort.
It’s similar to the feeling of pushing through embarrassment.
Like if you were to get on stage and start mumbling instead of singing all the way…in life you gotta let it rip.
You gotta fly you flag as high as you can.
Don’t let that voice of doubt ever hold your flame.