Photography Tutorials

Day 339 of 365

New York is really something else.
When I think back on the things I have been able to, I am stunned.
In the moment they feel so insignificant but afterwards you start to realize damn how lucky was I to be able to attend or be a part of that.
These photos are a look back on such a simple day here but there is nothing that makes me happier than a day on set or at the beach.

To switch topics I’ve been thinking about what I am going to do with this blog once I hit 365.
The closer I get the more fired up I get to wake up and finish another post.
So instead of canning it all together I’ve decided to make this blog into a photo tutorial and advice page.
If your looking to learn anything about the shooting, editing, storytelling process that’s what I will be covering.
I know when I started there were so many questions I had and every dick head I asked for help was often so afraid to share any knowledge they had acquired over the years.
Then presets came out and it leveled the aesthetic playing field a little bit.
You can now pretty much press a button and get the same edits as some of you favorite photographers or just buy the same film as them.
The technical side of photography is the easy part though.
To visually emulate a preset, or to shoot with the same film is really crap and emulating someone else’s editing process will often leave you in a sea of followers.

The meat of photography is in the story, whats in the image itself is what makes it beautiful and revealing.
What are you trying to show your viewer that they don’t already know?

I’m still struggling with this part of photography and I’m making an effort to focus more directly on portraiture and documentary work over the next year.

If you’re trying to get an honest an open review of how I get certain looks, edit, shoot, light, or even how some of your favorite photographers work with certain techniques I will be revealing all of that over the next few months.