Photograph what's closest to you.

Day 264 of 365

I’m starting to realize and pay more attention to the way I feel around certain people lately.
Notice how I said the way I feel and not “how people make me feel” specifically because being around anyone is a choice.
Wether it’s a boss, a friend, colleague, family member anyone you surround yourself with after the age of 18 is a choice. (its just a terribly hard choice to make but it is necessary in some cases)
It may be harder to make the choice to separate from some people like family members but if they are affecting you negatively it may be a good idea to get some space.
I’ve been feeling the effects of this heavily lately spending my time with 2 people that are polar opposites.
One being a highly motivated healthy individual, the other being the victim of the century.
The truth is we all feel pain but what makes someone’s life better than someone else’s even if they grew up in identical circumstances.

The answer is perception.
Having an optimistic and appreciative view on your life makes your life better, and happier.
I’m going to be frank here, I think people without real problems are usually the most depressed, sad, angry, distraught etc. etc. and in the past this was me.
I often see people with less than me dancing on the street, eating and sharing food every Sunday in the summer. It makes you think god damn thats all it takes, love and community.
Survival gives us a reason to celebrate.
Being a butt dart and complaining about not having the best gear for your hiking trip just makes you a douchebag.
I am grateful for my first world problems because that just means life is really, really, good.
I get to live in one of the greatest cities on this planet, with a great roommate, and my family and myself are healthy.
All other concerns are secondary to these^^^

Do not be dragged down by people who concern themselves with irrational dramas.