One simple step a day.

Day 265 of 365

Only 100 more days until I hit one year of blogging. That’s a great feeling but I don’t write on this every day although I do write in my journal every day. The truth is I feel terrible when I miss a day of this. It has become a routine and a way to jump start my focus and creativity each morning. There is also a lesson to be learned from my inconsistency. If I were to have never missed a day of this I would have passed blog 365 by now because missing a day is a huge derailment to a goal. There is power in compounding small actions. Meaning that by staying true to your plans even if they are to lift weights for 5 minutes every day you will see more results than someone who lifts for 1 hour once a week. Consistency and commitment is the name of the game and there is no way around that. That goes for photography, sports, Law, science, piano, learning a new language etc. etc.

20 minutes a day can make you great at something in 1 year. Run the marathon, see long term, and take small actions daily. I’ve learn from my impulsiveness to chose whats best for me long term and I’ve seen my photography go from total shit to not so shit just from shooting every day. I’m getting back to that and I love it.

I hope everyone has a productive Monday and starts working on what they want to accomplish now before January comes.