Day 266 of 365

For the past 6 months or so I’ve been really trying to give more than I expect from friends, family, clients etc. and I am learning how to do this better and differently for each interaction. How do you recognize when you shouldn’t give or invest into a certain person and it’s really quite simple. Don’t help someone who isn’t willing to help their self.

Some people are like a dead garden. It doesn’t matter how much you water it, it will still be dead in 5 months or a year. Until they decide for themselves to change they will not. On the other hand, you shouldn’t give to receive. Giving to people you love or like is an amazing feeling just because. It doesn’t need to be explained and in turn, it will always end up benefiting both parties. Here’s how. With my photography I have no secrets I help anyone who asks especially my friends who are working their beans off to be better at whatever they’re doing. It has turned out to benefit me more than I could have imagined. You’d think giving someone the tools to be better than I might make me lose jobs, or better the competition. There is no competition only then to be better than myself yesterday and helping my photographer friends learn new things or sharing my process with them has only gotten me more jobs. It builds trust and when they can’t take the work they send it my way and I do the same in return. It’s like watering an apple tree the more you water the good trees the more you eat. Don’t water the shitty trees.

Honesty, openness, sharing, generosity, and loyalty build trust. Being secretive, a lone wolf, hoarding your process only keeps you in a state of fear and solitude. You cannot expand your thought past the illusion of the immediate if you are alone.

Share in love, or hoard in fear.
You choose.
I can only tell you what has benefitted me.