How to be more Creative.

Day 211 of 365

Creativity is the last great variable to success.  What separates you from other people, animals, and machines, is a unique view of the world.  This comes from questioning. Philosophy broken down in the Greek language means Phylo to love and sophy knowledge.  To love knowledge. 

To learn more we must question and form our own opinions. 
This is one of the most beautiful parts about being human.  When you meet someone who has different opinions on the world then you.  You will rarely remember the person you meet that regurgitates all of your own beliefs unless they make you feel great.  You will always remember the person who opens you up to a new opinion something you have never heard.  

For instance I was staying at a hostel in Chicago right by Wrigley field.  
I got in late but I hit the back deck to have a beer and look at the view of the stadium.  There I met a few older cubs fans and a 19 year old kid from the midwest traveling by himself.  The kid was extremely intelligent and we had some amazing conversations that night in which he had strong opinions but he was very willing to listen.  
The next morning I was leaving. 
I saw that kid at breakfast I went over and said "Hey man it was great meeting you enjoy the rest of your trip."  To which he replied I will never see you again so enjoy the rest of your life I Hope it's everything you want." 

I was so deeply sobered by this response.  So simple yet creative and profound.  Excuse me for a second but it was real as fuck. 
The mortality awareness of this 19 year old was far beyond mine.  
It is a line I have since adopted when traveling if I feel it is appropriate. 
It comes to me sometimes and reminds me that when I'm traveling to live so thoughtfully in the moment. 
To enjoy it for what it is. 

A creative approach to simple things in life can drastically change your mind and your success.  Wether it be the way you wash dishes, the way you say goodbye, or the way you start your day. 
Creativity is the last action that humans can out-best machines in and I think it is important that we make it a point to question the way we do things every day. 

Through questioning we obtain new answers.