How to build a community.

Day 217 of 365

Day 217 of 365
I actually have no idea how to build a community.  I am currently trying, by creating a magazine, featuring artists whose work I admire, and organizing events with people that are doing shit in their own unique ways.  Even having a barbecue on Saturday with new people has lead me to meet some amazing creatives.  Choosing the right people is a lot easier to do then it may seem but being cutthroat and getting rid of the shitty ones is hard.  

This is why I decided to featured photos of my friend Pat below. 
He is a prime example to me of a kind yet extremely honest person. 
I tend to gravitate towards honest people because I find at times I have been nice for the sake of being nice instead of being honest. 
This only does a disservice to the people you are essentially fluffing. 

For example, my best friend Maciek and I were in class one day. 
After class, Maciek pulled me aside and said: "Dude wtf is with you today you were so annoying and all I could think to myself was woh will this dude ever shut the f*ck up."  
It stung but it gave me a chance to fix it. 
People that are honest with you and not rude or degrading to you give you the opportunity to fix unwanted or distasteful behavior. 
These people challenge you to bring your best work and be your best self. 
It shows that they care and FAKE FRIENDS will tell you that everything is great everything is perfect when in reality it's shit. 

If there has anything that has benefitted me from the friends I have chosen to be around it is cold hard honesty. 

As I build a community moving forward in my life I will be surrounded by thick-skinned, honest, and willing to bleed at the knuckles for me kind of people.  
The same goes for the way I treat my friends. 

Tough love is the best love.