Photographing Brooklyn

Day 218 of 365

No photos today just now.

In the present. 
The best place to be.  I've noticed that anytime I am too far in the future in my mind I am anxious.  I also heard this in a well known quote.  "If you are in the past your depressed, if you're in the future you're anxious and if your in the present your happy. 
I don't think anything could be more true for me. 
Goals are so important in my life but doing what you can do for those goals right now in the present is most important. 
It's important to feel the emotions of now. 
Feel your feet on the floor, the temperature of the air, the wind in your hair....if you have any. (I don't) 
You get the point. 
Let's be present today. 
Remind ourselves to return to the moment. 
Right now is passing with each word you read. 
Enjoy this moment.