Happiness is doing what needs to be done.

Day 301 of 365

Have you ever been really unhappy?
I’m sure you have, we all have.
From my own experience the only times I have ever been truly unhappy is when I am not doing what I know needs to be done.
Even if someone does something shitty to me it’s more about how I respond that determines my happiness and 4not so much their actions.
For example I came home early for Christmas to hang out with my brother who was working Christmas eve and Christmas day.
When I got there he told me he had dinner plans and I had to leave and boy was I upset.
The only person in the world I cared about spending that day with and he sent me off 30 minutes into being at his house just to have a pizza party and watch football with his girlfriends parents.
He wasn’t wrong doing this.
I was wrong for getting upset and letting it fester all the way through Christmas eve.
What I realized was that one little thing was a huge deal to me because I had bene putting off my responsibilities and allowing the holidays to be an excuse.
If I was taking care of all my business responsibilities, taking care of my personal life, and communicating properly I probably wouldn’t have had the time to see him 1 and 2 I wouldn’t be upset with someone for not hanging out with me.
Filling your time with things that are valuable to your life’s mission is important.
Too much down time is a bad thing.
If you are unhappy make a list of things you should be accomplishing on paper, and as you cross each off just watch and see how good it feels to be putting your nose in the right direction instead of worrying about hanging out with people outside of your path.