Don't be fooled.

Day 338 of 365

Yesterday was warm, then in the blink of an eye the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped.
Nothing new for New Yorkers or a native to New England.
We’re used to the cold but as it happened I felt that inner voice in my head say “it’s cold”.
In that moment I stepped away from my brain almost as if it was the narrator of my life and I said no shit dumbass but still I felt my body want to share the information.
As if saying it’s cold would do something?
What benefit does the verbalizing an unfavorable event have in ones life?
I was going to brave the cold to finish taking my photos anyways and clearly I was underdressed.
I guess it could help me avoid the mistake in the future but I felt there was more to this weakness than I was aware of.

In the summer months I love to run early in the morning.
The silence and mental boost of the exercise are intoxicating.
This is where I first started to build a relationship with that mental voice.
The loop I’ve always ran is 4 miles and in the early days of familiarizing myself with this route I would listen to my brain contest, “walk” can you please “walk” maybe when we get halfway we can take a break.
My conscious mind would scream in opposition “Don’t listen to this dickhead you’re a Williams and you don’t stop until the job is done.”
The reality of the situation was that my subconscious mind seeks comfort but my conscious mind seeks growth.
For me growth has always come in the form of conscious pain followed by joy.
You chose to do something that will suck but afterwards you feel as if you have slain the dragon.

My point today is that the mind is a tricky thing.
Like the cartoons we saw as kids with the devil and the angel on our shoulders.
For me the devil always seems to come in the form of comfort and subconscious thoughts.
The angel my conscious mind, the one that tells me to do good even if someone treats me like shit, or tells me to work out even when I’m tired.
Don’t let your subconscious thoughts distract you from your purpose.